Physical Therapy Services for Your Needs

Do you need treatment for a recent sports injury? Perhaps you need assistance regaining mobility after surgery? Whether you need outpatient therapy or postoperative care in Picayune, MS, trust Picayune Physical Therapy Center to take care of your Physical Therapy needs. We offer a range of quality solutions that will help with pain management and returning your body’s natural flexibility.


Physical therapist and patient in physical therapy clinic How Can Our Center Serve You?

Outpatient Therapy

Continue your outpatient treatment at a reputable facility. Our highly skilled physical therapist and his team have years of experience diagnosing and treating patients for various physical problems. Choose our outpatient therapy services when you want to recover outside the confines of a hospital.


Pre and Postoperative Care

Our Physical Therapy center provides crucial assistance before and after surgery. From preparing your body for the demands of surgery to taking care of your physical recovery afterwards, count on our center to offer remarkable physical therapy treatment.


Work and Sports-Related Injuries

During the times when athletic activities or working hazards overexert your body’s capabilities, turn to us for help. We provide effective and efficient Physical Therapy services. With the help of our skilled and experienced staff, you will be engaging in your usual activities in no time.


Regain Your Range of Motion

A number of reasons, from injuries to medical procedures, can limit your body’s ability to move naturally. Regain your health as well as your body’s range of motion with the help of Picayune Physical Therapy Center. Our center caters to a range of physical therapy needs. To learn more about our treatment options, dial 601-749-8145. We are happy to hear from you.